Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - A negative COVID test is required for all new students enrolling at ZCCC. Click here for testing sites in the Blue Ridge Health District (formerly Thomas Jefferson HD). New students cannot return to childcare after the test is administered to guarantee the negative result. Please contact ZCCC Executive Director, Amy Hall, with questions 434.459.1913.

The following forms must be on file for your child to attend their first day of school.

o   NEW AS OF 1/13/21 Negative COVID test result - click here for testing sites

o   Current Immunization Record

o   Copy of Birth Certificate

o   Financial Agreement (sent to you by Michelle)

o   Tuition Express Authorized Payment

o   Handbook Acknowledgement

o   COVID Health Policy

o   Sunscreen, Topical Ointment

o   Medication (For students with allergies/medical conditions that require medication such as Benadryl, EpiPen, AUVI-Q, etc.)