16 months old
as of 9.30.22
& Inchworms

2 years old 
as of 9.30.22
& Honeybees

3 years old
as of 9.30.22

 4 years old
as of 9.30.22

5 years old
as of 9.30.22
(After-School & Kids Day Off)

K - 12 years old

The following forms must be on file 7 days before your child's first day of school:

  • Immunization Record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Handbook Acknowledgment 2022
  • COVID Health Policy 22-23
  • ZCCC Sunscreen Form
  • Medication (Only for students with allergies/medical conditions that require medication such as Benadryl, EpiPen, AUVI-Q, etc.) Please request from director.
  • Tuition Express Payment Authorization Form and Financial Agreement will be sent to you via email from Michelle Cooper, Business Administrator.